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  • Nature's Touch personal lubricants are made from only natural and organic ingredients sourced from nutrient-rich plant products.

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  • Nature's Touch personal lubricants don't contain harsh or harmful chemicals or petroleum-based ingredients to cause irritation.

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  • Nature’s Touch products provide intimate moisture and lubrication for a silky, smooth, comfortable feeling.

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  • Nature's Touch doesn't contain any artificial flavors or fragrances to detract from a natural, pleasurable experience.

Certified Natural Personal Lubricants

At Nature’s Touch, we believe intimacy should be a fun and natural experience that has joy, health and meaning. It keeps us young and vibrant but it’s not just recreation. Intimacy is pure and healthy and natural and we believe it needs to stay that way. That’s why we created the Nature’s Touch line of natural personal lubricants. Nature’s Touch personal lubricants are made from only natural and organic ingredients with no irritating chemicals like silicone or petroleum products.

Natural Moisture Lubricants

If you're experiencing dryness due to age, illness or hormonal imbalance, the last things you want to use are personal lubricants with petroleum or other harsh chemical ingredients. Nature’s Touch is petroleum and silicon free and also contains no artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. All you get is the pleasure of soothing moisture from certified natural personal lubricants that naturally enhances your intimate experience with no hormones or parabens.

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